Insomnia Hits Me Again

Why can’t I sleep again? It’s like 100 degrees  outiside I’m dizzy and tired

but Morpheus insists on not coming to me. JERK


You don’t have to be the perfect mother ( most probably you aren’t )

You are trying to think what’s right or wrong, what you should start doing or stop doing or learn what to do. Observing everything around me and reminiscing people’s behaviors over the years,  incidents, and my own life experiences, i came to the conclusion that every mother has always the best intentions but also every mother makes mistakes as well. Because a child comes from you, but its not YOU. It’s a whole different world, a whole world that  could be completely unknown to you, a world you may even fail to understand ever.

Being a child, someone’s child apart from being a mother, you will always try to make things different than you own parents did, but you will end up doing the same, because these were the only parents you had, this how you received love, this is how you will give back.

We will always make mistakes, my mother as perfect as she may seems to me, she made hers, her mother made her own, I’ll make mine naturally. But as long as there is love we will figure it out.

Like always 

Kate Moss’ Wedding Photos By Mario Testino?


Kate Moss By Mario Testino


The 37-year-old supermodel is set to tie the knot with Kills rocker Jamie Hince on July 2 and has asked the acclaimed fashion photographer – who she has worked with for almost 20 years.

Mario – who took the official engagement portraits of Prince William and his now-wife Princess Catherine – told iPad newspaper The Daily he wants to “capture the happiness that Kate is going through at the moment.”

These pictures are going to be pure ART.

Carob Museum. A Quick Glance at Tradition

It caught my attention during my recent trip to Cyprus. I can’t quite resist to tradition related things, little things that connect us to our past/ ancestors and blah blah.. How did people live back then? Which stages did technology, industries pass until automatisms are widely  used  today in almost every field. Poor  photos I know but still I found the whole concept pretty intriguing.

The Carob Mill in Lemesos (Limassol) was originally built in the early 1900s when carobs were one of the main exports of Cyprus. They were used in the manufacture of such products as film, medicine, sweets and chocolates. Most of the machinery used in processing the carobs is intact and exhibited in a building that has been renovated so as to combine the authentic atmosphere of the past with the sophisticated high tech look of the present.