Why Main Characters In Entourage Seem Familiar


I was wondering the other day why I grew so fond of this show. I mean it’s mainly about guys and their struggles in the “new age”” world with the difference that the whole concept is  set in Hollywood(!). Well yes, It’s always interesting to know how a movie star gets a role in the big screen, how studios, directors, writers, managers, agents, publicist lead the artistic route of a movie star and the whole great things or bad things (especially the last season) that fame can bring you. But that’s the obvious reasons to watch this. I realised something else.

I somehow feel that everyone of this gang is someone we all women kinda knew, or know or wanna know..I mean call me crazy but let’s take Turtle for instance. The laid back guy, wanna have the easy way in life, kinda cute, easygoing I mean it definitely reminds me of the boyfriends I use to date back in college or even earlier. We used to like this type of guys If you go back when u were 16- 20 right? [sarcastic  laugh..] Next we have Drama. Don’t tell me you never had a Drama in your life ( actual and a Drama person as well) He is the guy who thinks he  is so much better that he actual  is..he is obsessed with himself  although in a funny kinda way! Yep there was a “Drama” Insecure, self involved and big headed. Then we have E. Eric is the guy we are dating, the good guy who we probably had the most solid relationship. The normal one, we date him around 25-27 when we kinda look for a serious guy (suit) a  cute one that makes us laugh and is trustworthy. It doesn’t matter what he ends up to be.. I’m talking about how we see him. Last but not least we have Ari. Ari is the guy most women like to marry and aquire the title of Mrs Ari. He is the successful, rich, he has balls and can stand up for you. The perfect guy to call your husband despite of course his flaws like swearing and missing the appointments to buy “chandeliars”” [I mean come on , big deal] He is also the faithfull one. Major Plus. Of course there aren’t many Ari’s in this world right? Bummer..

Well, I felt like sharing these thoughts. Silly  I know but this blog can be used like this sometimes. Right? Have a nice Autumn 🙂