Kate Moss’ Wedding Photos By Mario Testino?


Kate Moss By Mario Testino


The 37-year-old supermodel is set to tie the knot with Kills rocker Jamie Hince on July 2 and has asked the acclaimed fashion photographer – who she has worked with for almost 20 years.

Mario – who took the official engagement portraits of Prince William and his now-wife Princess Catherine – told iPad newspaper The Daily he wants to “capture the happiness that Kate is going through at the moment.”

These pictures are going to be pure ART.


Annie Leibovitz


I love her work.  She is one of the most famous photographers alive today. She shoots for magazines, was Rolling Stone’s photographer

and has made images of many of the world’s most famous people. She is also one of the and most controversial photographers of the 20th.

In 1983, she joined the staff at Vanity Fair, and in 1998, she also began working for Vogue.

Exhibitions of her images have appeared at museums and galleries all over the world, including the National Portrait Gallery and the Corcoran Gallery,

in Washington, D.C.; the International Center of Photography, in New York etc



“Computer photography won’t be photography as we know it. I think photography will always be chemical.”
Annie Leibovitz


Shades of Milk And Honey

The debut novel from Mary Robinette Kowal . Kowal’s lively romance tells the story of two grown sisters: Jane, a spinster at 28, is the ugly duckling of the family, but she makes up for her sallow skin and disharmonious features with her talents in genteel arts, from painting and pianoforte to conjuring up beautiful and vivid glamours using the ether. Her younger sister, Melody, is the family beauty, courted by men all around the Dorset countryside. Father is a warm but distant presence, while Mother is a bedridden neurasthenic hypochondriac who grasps and climbs the social ladder, hoping to ingratiate herself with the viscountess next door (and possibly marry Melody off to her nephew, a dashing captain in Her Majesty’s Navy).  And this is a love-story and a rather glorious one at that. Kowal’s first novel is a beautifully told story of being true: true to love, true to family, and true to art.

I gotta a feeling that Milk & Honey is gonna be a film pretty soon.