How Cool Is That?!

failblog bathroom

You can have your tea with your friends AND do number two at the same time! How cozy it seems…


More LameBook !


I keep laughing with facebook updates..lamebook is doing  a good job! I mean why people get so stupid on this social network?

I  just can’t  believe it’s intentionally! I never liked FB – the fact that kids are among its users makes me crazy.

I hope their  parents  keep an eye on them. I ‘d sure do.

In the meantime you can visit  lamebook for more lolz!!!!



Window Shopping On A Greek Island…


During my holidays on a Greek island this summer, I noticed this extraordinary window decoration in a sunglasses shop. We started walking after a wonderful meal by the sea, towards the center of the town of Syros and for a moment we were puzzled . We weren’t sure what we were looking at!

After laughing and dissing on it a bit, we immediately checked every angle of the windows to check all this Barbie dolls “positions”. Maybe it’s not dirty and  we just think dirty  all right? Well, this guy who had the idea and applied it wonderfully, looked really cool and normal. I got to say in the end I realised this idea is pure genious and original.

Strong enough to capture the eye and  therefore our attention!