More LameBook !


I keep laughing with facebook updates..lamebook is doing  a good job! I mean why people get so stupid on this social network?

I  just can’t  believe it’s intentionally! I never liked FB – the fact that kids are among its users makes me crazy.

I hope their  parents  keep an eye on them. I ‘d sure do.

In the meantime you can visit  lamebook for more lolz!!!!




Lamebook Is My Guilty Pleasure!

I’ve never liked Facebook,  but since I’ve  discovered Lamebook (funny facebook updates) I realised there is actually a reason for its existance. I know that’s pretty mean and all but give me a you really have to write whatevs comes to your mind? Be careful cuz there someone’s there lurking, ready to send your facebook updates  to lamebook page… For Example this one is setting  up a facebook page for her unborn child!Oh,  Come on, I really hope she’s joking…