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Shades of Milk And Honey

The debut novel from Mary Robinette Kowal . Kowal’s lively romance tells the story of two grown sisters: Jane, a spinster at 28, is the ugly duckling of the family, but she makes up for her sallow skin and disharmonious features with her talents in genteel arts, from painting and pianoforte to conjuring up beautiful and vivid glamours using the ether. Her younger sister, Melody, is the family beauty, courted by men all around the Dorset countryside. Father is a warm but distant presence, while Mother is a bedridden neurasthenic hypochondriac who grasps and climbs the social ladder, hoping to ingratiate herself with the viscountess next door (and possibly marry Melody off to her nephew, a dashing captain in Her Majesty’s Navy).  And this is a love-story and a rather glorious one at that. Kowal’s first novel is a beautifully told story of being true: true to love, true to family, and true to art.

I gotta a feeling that Milk & Honey is gonna be a film pretty soon.